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 Voices of the Faith Community
 Health and Communityby Jackie Klein
Becoming a ZUMBA instructor has been part of my journey to find balance in.... READ MORE

 An Epiphany (An experience of sudden and striking realization.)by Penny L. Jackson 
 Have you ever had one of these a-ha moments of realization? I have had many throughout my...  READ MORE

 Miraculous Soundby Dolores Sherman Weeda
 Christmas Time brings back memories of happy, blessed days past.  In 1950, when I was at my first teaching job... READ MORE

What will be different? by Lloyd Sather

Lately I’ve been thinking about the comments and questions regarding the arrival of a new pastor here at Faith Lutheran Church.

        “When are we going to get a new pastor?”

        “People have left Faith because it is taking so long to get a new pastor.”

               “I can’t wait until we get a new pastor.” ...  READ MORE


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